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Concierge Doctors Network helps families, individuals, and businesses locate a Concierge Doctor in their area.

When you join a Concierge Doctors practice you will have a personalized relationship with your physician and enjoy the benefits of quality medical care.

Member patients can expect same day or next day office appointments, will have little or no wait times, and office visits will be unhurried and thorough, usually lasting 45 minutes or more.

The healthcare system in America is in complete disarray. The average doctor sees 25 patients per day, is encumbered by insurance company regulations, provider-network limitations, and conflicting incentives. This dysfunctional combination has led the US healthcare system to rank 37th in the world in overall quality, and still have the highest cost per patient.

The movement into private healthcare has brought back the doctor- patient relationship of the past. A Concierge Doctor typically sees 6-7 patients a day, which enables them to give you the time and personal attention required to receive quality healthcare.

Patients can feel confident that their doctor is readily available. Access to their personal doctor will be prompt, direct, and whenever needed. Member patients are provided with the doctor's cell phone number and email.

Contact one of the Concierge Doctors on and start enjoying the benefits of quality healthcare.

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